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A community for empowered women to connect, learn, and flourish - together.

All the resources and support you need on your journey toward hormonal harmony - in one place.

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For Women

who are empowered to ask questions, find answers, share experiences, and learn how to take care of their body, soul, and spirit with our guidance in a safe community setting

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who want to expand their skillset and knowledge base without spending countless time, energy, and financial resources on tuition and certifications, so they can serve their clients in a more targeted and holistic way

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With combined knowledge, experience, and education in holistic nutrition, hormone health, fitness, and brain health, the fit. period. team is here to share all we know to help you become empowered over your own life.


Hey, I'm Jenn!

After years in the health and fitness industry struggling with my own health issues that stemmed from almost a decade of hormonal birth control, severe digestive issues, hormone imbalances, and poor lifestyle, I knew it was time to dig deeper into women's health and all the caveats that come with it. 

After making incredible changes with my own health holistically, I took what I had learnt, both through certifications and my own experiences, and created fit. period. as a way to reach women globally to educate, empower, and let them know they're not alone (and not crazy!). After years of gaslighting by traditional doctors and the fitness industry, I'm here to change the way women feel about their bodies and cycle.

This community is our safe space - a place to share, grow, learn, and experience a new level of divine female health... together.

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